From 40' Inch TV screen in Delhi To a 40 Feet LED Wall at Magma Arena in Spain

Posted on: Monday, 06 November 2017 20:28

From a small 40' Inch TV Screen in a nightclub in Delhi to a 40 Feet LED Wall at Magma Arena in Spain, 'Electronyk Show' has come a long way ! Thank You to all my people in Spain who came out to the show and made it a night to remember. On this humbling journey i met a lot of people who told me that my vision of putting up a synchronised audio,visual, lighting show is too big and am being over ambitious. But that's when you gotta show character and not let anyone belittle your dreams and vision. Life is all about growing one step at a time. Be Patient and everything will fall in place !  #ElectronykShow#DjnykOnTour


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