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" 15 years of living the dream as a DJ and Producer , everything changed but one thing remained constant , my love for music beyond genres. My rise from a resident DJ at a small nightclub to a performer playing shows at some of the biggest venues around the world has been a result of the loyalty & support of my fans. For all these years you stood by me and gave me the opportunity to share my music with you, which became my biggest benediction. Our belief in Music Beyond Genres brought us all together and the bond became strong enough to give me strength & confidence as an artist to experiment with all that I could.

Music for me has become an emotion through which i can connect people . Music for me has become a way of expression to a language , I could say much more with a beat or a chord than a million words would explain. Music creates unity in diversity and breaks through the barriers of religion & borders .

I feel i am on a journey to learn , explore and evolve as an artist and a human being.I feel we are all growing together.

As a nation we have achieved great heights in almost all fields of work and art, it is about time we put India on the EDM map in a prominent position as well. Being the youngest nation in the world we are quietly growing into a new emerging power. As an artist I want to empower all the independent music producers in India , encourage creativity and stir innovation beyond what money and power can buy. But I cannot do this alone. I want to call out to all the EDM fans and music industry creative heads, both established & upcoming, to stand together and deeply connect by building relationships and networks through music that can help each other grow and inspire. Life doesn't have to be dreary. Life is all about helping each other grow. Celebrate that memory; create that influence, Journey with ME and PLAY LIFE ! "

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DJ NYK Presents PLAY LIFE PROJECT, the new face of Indian EDM . Visit for more info.

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